Technologías Avanzadas Inspiralia S.L. was created in Spain in 2005 as part of Pera Innovation a UK not-for-profit Research & Technology Development Group employing 550 scientists and engineers, and containing seven individual institutes, each with a specific technological specialty and competence. During seven fruitful years Inspiralia collaborated to expand the company´s activities within Southern European countries, facilitating the creation of our network of collaborator organizations, with more than 25.000 researchers and technology experts around Europe.

With over 1500 satisfied customers from all over Europe, Inspiralia has become one of the leading private European R&D service providers in helping industrial companies to develop new products or processes based on innovation and technology making them more competitive in their markets.

Inspiralia will be responsible for developing a new production process for moulded seals based in the use of surface textured moulds. This role includes the following major tasks:

  • Developing a cost-effective process for microtexturing of moulds.
  • Implementing coating solutions on moulds to facilitate the demoulding.
  • Production of prototypes of surface textured moulds.