mijuMIJU was founded in 1960, devoted to the design, manufacture and commercialisation of rubber and plastic components by injection moulding techniques, for a large variety of industrial sectors, including automotive, defence, consumer goods, oil and gas, etc. MIJU has internal resources for the production of the moulds and tooling as well as for the development and manufacture of the compound mixtures.

The company serves customers across Europe. MIJU has certifications UNE - ISO / TS 16949:2002 for the production of technical rubber products, rubber-metal and thermoplastics for the automotive industry. ISO 9001:2000

Certification for the design, development and production of mixtures of natural and synthetic rubber and for injection moulds for plastic and rubber injection and compression up to 1000 tons locking.

MIJU will provide mould samples and data on demoulding standard processes currently used. MIJU will be involved in the production of prototypes of textured moulds.