PLASTIPOLISPLASTIPOLIS was established on 2005 as the only cluster for plastics engineering in France. PLST brings together all the operators in the sector (companies, R&D centres, training centres, institutional investors) in the Rhône-Alpes region (1,000 companies, 35,000 employees) and Franche-Comté (250 companies, 12,500 employees). Its aim is to promote the expertise of French plastics engineering companies at an international level. Nowadays, PLST represents more than 200 members, out of which 150 are enterprises (90% SMEs) corresponding to a total turnover of 5,5 M€ and 29,990 employees.

PLASTIPOLIS main missions are (1) maintain and further develop technical excellence of our sector, and (2) promote international cooperation of our members and foster international projection of French plastics engineering industry.

PLASTIPOLIS main role in the project is on training activities, as Head of the Training Management Committee. Training activities are devoted to ensure an effective knowledge transfer from the developers of the solutions, participants in TDM-SEALS, and the member SMEs of the participant SME-AGs. PLASTIPOLIS will also have an active role in dissemination activities.