spifTHE SWEDISH PLASTICS INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION, SPIF is a trade organization for the small and middle-sized companies in the Swedish plastics processing industry. The Association is a trade organization within Svensk Industriförening, The Swedish Industry Association, and has today about 250 member-companies. Primarily the activities are concentrated on meeting requirements from the member-companies for service and information on employer enterprise matters and on special trade problems.

Legal aid and assistance in negotiations, service in matters concerning labour legislation, information on news, on law and ordinance as well as advisory service in economic matters are some of the main functions of the SPIF. Through joint advertising in the trade press and through the agency of products by the SPIF secretariat the possibilities increase for the members to find new customer relations.

SPIF will work together with the other participant SME-AGs in activities devoted to the dissemination of the project and the definition of adoption and exploitation mechanisms. SPIF will also play an active role in training activities.
SPIF and its members will work jointly on economic and technical issues. SPIF will run working groups on more than 40 subtopics in the field of applications based on rubber compounds. These working groups will coordinate the Swedish industry’s interests on these particular topics.