BPFEstablished in 1933, the British Plastics Federation (BPF) is the leading trade association of the UK Plastics Industry (representing approximately 80% of turnover), existing to exploit common opportunities and resolve shared problems. BPF Membership (through direct membership and affiliated organisations) encompasses over 1400 companies from the plastics industry supply chain, including polymer producers, suppliers and processors in addition to additive and machinery suppliers and manufacturers.

The BPF promotes the interests of its members principally through its four Market Sector Groups and its many common interest Business Groups. The BPF Central Expert Committees address industry wide concerns including Environment, Fire, Product Safety and Industrial Health & Safety.

BPF main role in the project is on dissemination and exploitation activities, as Head of the Dissemination & Exploitation Management Committee. BPF will also be involved in training activities to ensure that their member SMEs are aware of the TDM-SEALS´ results and well prepared for adopting the developed solutions.