• After an extensive tribometer test programme supported by FE simulation and friction modelling, several texture patterns have been found that significantly reduce friction in dynamic contacts.  
  • Two different processes for texturing seal moulds have been developed.
  • The first prototypes of textured D-rings and piston seals have been manufactured using different materials (NBR, EPDM, TPU) and are being currently tested for friction and wear, with very promising results.
  • A test rig for evaluating demoulding forces in different rubber materials, mould surfaces, textured surfaces and coatings has been developed within the project.
  • Different PVD and Sol-Gel coatings for mould surfaces have been developed and tested in the demoulding test rig, showing significant reductions in the demoulding forces. 

All these developments related to the TDM-SEALS technology and its main results are described in a video clip, which be watched here.