Demoulding is the process of separating the component from the mould and it becomes one of the critical aspects in the processing of polymers. During the moulding process, the polymer typically sticks to the mould. The forces generated during the demoulding are affected by multiple factors (mould draft angles, surface finish, texture of the mould, polymer properties at the temperature in the demoulding stage and dimensioning of the system. The demoulding force needed to eject a component is a function of the frictional and adhesion forces between the surfaces of the moulded part and the mould cavity wall. 

Within TDM-SEALS, we have designed and developed a test rig that is able to measure demoulding forces in a rubber cubic sample. The test rig replicates a transference mould and is implemented in a universal testing machine (UTM) with a climatic chamber. Force displacement and temperature are controlled through the software of the commercial equipment. Its main target is to perform comparative measurements of demoulding forces, in order to assess the influence of different mould surfaces or coatings on the demoulding process.

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